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Troubleshooting missing Management Points when creating a bootable media Task Sequence in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager

September 1, 2012 2 comments

Here’s a problem we came across recently and the resolution we came up with that I wanted to share. The issue is that when creating a task sequence for  bootable media using a Boot Image, the wizard does not return any of the available Management point names.


Cause: You will run into this issue if the Management Point is configured to use HTTPS and you are using the self-signed certificate and not importing the PKI certificate while creating the TS bootable media.


To fix this you will need to import the certificate on the Security page.

Certificate requirements:

  • Certificate Purpose: Client authentication
  • Template to use: Workstation Authentication

NOTE This certificate must be exported in a Public Key Certificate Standard (PKCS #12) format, and the password must be known so that it can be imported.



For more information see PKI requirements for Configuration Manager 2012 :